Mahmood Heshmatinezhad


Mahmoud Heshmatinejad


– General painting expert, continuous activity in artistic fields in various disciplines

– The founder and director of Azad Academy of Visual Arts

– Member of the founding committee of Isfahan province trade association of free visual arts schools

– Member of the board of directors and secretary of the trade association of the school

– Free visual arts for 8 years

– Member of Isfahan Painters Association

– Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of the Association in alternating periods

– Member of the Research and Research Group of Isfahan Painters Association

– Teaching and researching and writing and publishing articles in the field of visual arts

– Holding more than 35 individual and group exhibitions in Isfahan and Tehran

– Activity in the field of contemporary arts

– Participation in the survey of Isfahan painting in 1395


Instagram : Mahmoodheshmatinezhad


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