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بهاره شب انگیز Bahareh Shabangiz
Bahareh Shabangiz


Bahare Shabangiz

Born in 8 /4/1983, Tehran, Iran

2006, Bachelor of Science, statistics

1995 –2023, Undertaking activities in her subjects of  Drawing, Painting, and Doll making

1996, Ranked 1st in the Isfahan in the Juvenile Doll-Making Competition

2004, Certified in the design course at Isfahan Painters Association

2005, Learning sculpting from Mr. Morteza Basravi

2005, Certified with an excellent degree in Teaching Children’s Painting from the Isfahan Association of Painters

2017-2023, Informatic and Site Manager of the Didar gallery

2022, Learning Watercolor Painting from Mrs. Ameneh Badrosama and simultaneously participating in Professor Mohammad Khalili’s Watercolor Class in the Isfahan  Association of  Painters

At Present, the first solo watercolor exhibition (Ahaay Khabar Daar)

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