Maryam Tavakoli – Artwork No.5
group exhibition shelter maryam tavakoli didar gallery مریم توکلی چیدمان گروهی جان چناه در گالری دیدار

Survival is that which every refugee, every immigrant, and every bird strives for.  We seek refuge from the cold, from war, and fear.  Someplace safe, perhaps the corner of a temporary and feeble house, suspended as if in a cocoon, between leaving and staying.  A restless sleep in not so familiar arms, and not so secure.  A shelter that both shields the body and lays it bare. There, where a lair, a den, a shell perhaps, becomes the only refuge.

Artwork Features
Artwork Group(s) Installation , sculpture
Name from the collection: Shelter
Year 2017
Material Fabric
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