Painting Exhibition by Alborz Addi Titled “Song & Color”
Jun 29th, 2020 To Jul 6th, 2020
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At a time when it is full of cultural and identity issues and crises, Alborz is constantly and carefully searching for these issues in the ideal past and representing it in a new image. Relying on its cultural heritage, it seeks to create works that fit the conditions of its time with a special selection and an innovative combination of past themes.


What Alborz has used in this collection includes two ideas: one is “fire”, which is derived from Zoroastrian thought and ancient Iranian culture, and the other is “geometric and Islamic motifs” which is the result of post-Islamic Iranian art. Each of these two has its own roots and concepts, which together and together, carry and create new concepts that the artist seeks.


Alborz’s interest in the history and culture of Iran made him fascinated by the myths and themes related to Iran’s past, and especially the Zoroastrian religion. Phenomena such as four seasons, twelve months, whiteness and blackness, good and evil, light and darkness, geometry and organism, captivity and freedom, and the like, which are derived from the same ideas, can be found in his works.


However, his works are, first of all, a new and attractive combination of the elements of Oriental art and Iranian, as if he is looking for his play without any intermediaries or excuses. In fact, we are confronted with spontaneous works that are beautiful before they reach beautiful and idealistic concepts. The geometric patterns, the organic forms, the colors, the contrasts, the texture and everything that is included in these images are spectacular.


Khaled Esmaeilvandi

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