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May 17th, 2019 To May 21st, 2019
The Voice of Stone
May 3rd, 2019 To May 8th, 2019
Jan 11th, 2019 To Jan 16th, 2019
نمایشگاه آثار قلمی نقاشی طراحی راون نویس حشمت اله بهزادی در گالری دیدار the quill artwork exhibition heshmat ollah behzadi painting pen draw the riot of memories آشوب یادها
The Quill Artwork's Exhibition by Heshmat-ollah Behzadi "The Riot of Memories"
Jan 4th, 2019 To Jan 9th, 2019
از شمال تا جنوب همراه با 70سال عکاسی اصغر علاقه بند پدر سلفی به انتخاب حامد قصری در گالری دیدار asghar alagheband selfie photo photography didar gallery
From the north to the south with 70 years of photography by the forefather of the selfie, Asghar Alagehband
Sep 28th, 2018 To Oct 4th, 2018