English About Founder

Parvaneh Silani, (Director of Didar Visual Gallery) born in 1962, Isfahan, Iran


–          Drawing and Painting Teacher – Director of Visual Arts Private Institute

–          Training Children how to be creative

–          Guild Association Member of Private Institutes

–          Member of Isfahan Painters Association

–          Member of Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Arts

–          Active in the fields of Conceptual Art – Environmental Art and Layout

–          Conducting research and compiling materials in the field of children creativity training

–          Holding several workshops for children in public places

–          Holding several collective exhibits

–          Holding 14 individual exhibits in Isfahan, Tehran and Sari cities

–          Participating in more than 20 collective exhibits in Isfahan and Tehran

–          Director of Didar Visual Gallery

Other Activities and Appreciation Tablets

–          Up to 1993: working in the field of sewing and clothes designing

–          Since 1993: keeping on learning about designing and painting in tuition classes; having connections with ACECR of Art as correspondence, and studying teaching methods of creativity to children

–          1998: receiving certificate for completion of training course on designing and painting with excellent score and starting to teach designing

–          2008: completing the techniques of Crispy Painting, Master MohammadaliHeddat

–          1990: taking the exams of private institutes

–          2001: receiving license to establish institute

–          Summer 2001: learning about History of Art and Modern Art with Master Akbar Mikhak

–          October 2001: holding 1-day workshop from children’s works in Aienehkhaneh Park on International Children’s Day

–          Creating educational programs and writing papers on the conducted research about teaching creativity to children and presenting them in institutes’ seminars

–          March 2002: receiving award and appreciation tablet for the conducted research

–          June 2003: holding exhibits from the works of the art students in institutes.

–          July 2003: membership of Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Arts in Tehran

–          October 2003: holding the third workshop for children with cooperation of Children and Adolescents House

–          November 2003: participating in courses on the History of Arts and Principles held by Mr. Hossein Tahvilian, and becoming a member of Isfahan Painters Association

–          January 2004: in charge of holding collective exhibit in Central Library on behalf of Isfahan Painters Association with the aim of supporting the Bam Earthquake Survivors

–          March 2004: in charge of the Committee Welfare of the Association and receiving appreciation tablet

–          October 2004 to September 2006: participating in courses on the Iranian and World Art History as well as Principles of Form and Color held by Mr, RoueinPakbaz

–          Nowruz Holydays (April) 2005: holding children painting workshop and receiving appreciation letter

–          July 2005: holding exhibit of the students’ works in the institute

–          October 2005: holding workshop on the International Children’s Day in the Institute

–          Collaborating and participating in the 1st Exhibit of Concept Held in Isfahan

–          Receiving appreciation letter from Municipality, District 8 for holding workshop for children

–          April 2009: participating in festival on environmental art in Gavkhoni Wetland along with Master Ahmad Nadalian

–          July 2009: participating in the festival on environmental art held in Polur

–          February 2010: participating in the festival on environmental art held in Hormoz Island

–          May 2013 to August 2014: learning Interior Design and Decoration in Science and Industry Institute and making plans to establish gallery

–          2016: collaborating with Isfahan Painting Evaluation Group

–          February 2016 to May 2017: in charge of holding collective exhibit from the painters and sculptors’ works as well as collaborating with the Art Section and Isfahan Painting Evaluation Group and receiving appreciation letter